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With over 20 years of visual effects experience, Final Light Productions has recognized a need in the entertainment industry for high quality visual effects, created as a library of layers, variations, and camera angles, readily downloadable, royalty-free, and offered at enormous savings over custom effects creation.

.....This realization has come to life in our release of a new type of stock footage library:..Visual Effects Toolkits

.....What is unique about our Toolkits is that they have been created with the understanding that for better compositing control and output quality, effects stock footage, where possible, should be available as separate layer elements and at a variety of variations and camera angles depending on the needs of the shot.

How to view Toolkit samples

.....There are 3 ways to view samples or get information about each Toolkit layer. The links are available below each layer icon:

1. A small preview movie clip.
2. A high-resolution .JPG still image. More high-resolution stills throughout the effect animation are available upon request.
An information window with details about each layer.

What's in production?

.....Currently we are focusing on offering visual effects that cannot readily be found elsewhere, and some that are nearly impossible to film due to cost, impracticality, or the fact that it could cause world depopulation.

.....Therefore our experienced 3D visual effects artists are hard at work creating some of these effects entirely as CGI. One big advantage that computer generated renderings have over film is that there is virtually no limit on the output resolution, nor the number of camera angles and types of separate layers that can be created to give you far more control in your shot.

.....Other natural effects such as some fire, smoke, and water effects, to name a few, are often shot as practical footage and are being captured as Raw uncompressed via Cinema Camera in 4k or greater resolution and carefully post-processed to provide only the cleanest possible source material for your industry projects.

.....For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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