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Sell your Visual FX

It's a common tale...

You spent forever getting that magical effect to look perfect. You comp'd it onto the client's shot, got paid, and filed it away in your effects library - after all, maybe someday you could change it into a new variation for future use.

Months have gone by. It sure seems like a waste for it to be collecting dust in your archives - after all, it's an awesome effect. It's too bad you can't find a new way to reap the benefit of bringing it to life...

Well, now you can!

Use Final Light to sell your visual FX footage to digital artists all across the world who are always in need of FX material. You remain the author of your footage, and we only collect a moderate percentage of the selling price for hosting, marketing, and order fulfillment. Now you can sit back and receive residual income for all your hard work.

Additionally, since we review all material submitted to sell, your effects could be selected to be included in one of our Visual FX Toolkits which means higher sales for you. Otherwise, it will be available to sell in our effects by category (on the way).

How to get started:

The process is quite simple. Simply email us with a small animated sample and several high resolution stills, along with your desired selling price. We'll review it, and then send you back our upload link and Sales Agreement. Your submitted material is protected by our Privacy Policy.

Ready? Use this email link to send your sample material. Please keep emails under 15MB in total size as this is our email size limit.

If you use an online email service, send emails to: fx 'at' finalight.com but you must include somewhere in the subject or message body: "Final Light - Visual FX Submission".

Have concerns or questions? Feel free to contact us.

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