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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When will I receive my download links?

After your order is completed, you will immediately receive an email with information to download your Toolkits. You have immediate access to download them. If several minutes have passed and you do not see your email from us, please check your spam or trash folder. The email will be coming from finalight.com.

I didn't receive my download email.

If your purchase was successful, the download email should take no longer than a few minutes to reach you. Please check your spam or trash folder as this often can catch our emails sent to you.

What format are Toolkit(s) in?

1. Movies:..Quicktime .MOV, PNG Codec, Lossless Quality -or- .....PhotoJPEG, High-Maximum Quality, both in progressive format, 30fps, 32bit or 24bit

Stills:..Targa (.TGA), RLE compressed, Lossless Quality; 32 bit or 24 bit
2. Source: 4K Cinema Camera or Computer Generated; color corrected, deep rich blacks; 4:4:4 color.
3. Resolution: Footage layer resolution varies anywhere from full UHD Wide at 2160p to SD square 540p. This varies depending on the type of effect. Read more about our resolution formats.
4. Toolkit layer types: All layers are 32bit RGBA or 24bit RGB. Clips with a matte are premultiplied on black. Clips with no matte have a black background and are to be composited as an Additive or Overlay type of layer, where no matte is needed. Review our layer types.

How fast will my Toolkit(s) download?

All Toolkits are stored on our crazy-fast servers. For each product, we have listed the approximate download time and at the speed indicated. As of 2024, internet speeds have increased dramatically and it is very likely that your download speed will be much faster than our estimated time shown. Here is our basic speed estimates:

DSL/Cable - This download time is based on an estimated speed of 5mbit/sec (5 megabits per second). Your download speed may vary depending on the type of internet connection plan you have and possibly time of day.

Dial-up - This download time is based on an estimated speed of 56kb/sec (56 kilobits per second). This is considered the maximum download speed for a Dial-up plan. Your download speed may vary depending on the type of Internet connection plan you have and possibly time of day.

What does 'Layer Count' mean?

This is the total number of footage elements contained in the Toolkit. This number can differ from the number of previews shown on the website as follows:

Shadow Layers - some layers provided separately within the Toolkit are combined for previewing purposes for easier comprehension of how the layers work together to form the effect. This is especially true for shadow layers of which previews are normally
not shown.

Glows and other extra layers - occasionally there are 2 previews available to more clearly illustrate 1 layer. An example of this could be for an Additive Glow for an explosion which might be shown overlayed onto the explosion, and also by itself.

Why are all footage clips 30 fps? I need 24 fps like film.

Most of our Toolkit clips are set to 30 frames per second, however after downloading you can set them to any frame rate you need. Since VFX elements are mostly organic by nature (explosions, smoke, fire, etc.), the difference between movement at 30fps and 24fps is, for the most part, neglible. If you wish to use the clips at a different frame rate, set the Import frame rate for the clip in your compositing program.


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